pure water fed pole system

Pure water experts

We are the premiere users of the "Pure Water" system in the south of England. It delivers the finest cleaning solution on exterior surfaces available in the industry today.

Using un-purified water from your standard external or kitchen tap will clean up to a certain standard but when dried will not give the best results, this is due to the TDS (total dissolved solids) that are left over once the water has dried off, which can often leave horrible marks and smears.

At crystal clean solutions we are proud to say that we use the latest water purification system available on the market today which means our water contains a TDS of 0ppb (Parts Per Billion) which gives us up to 1000 times the cleaning power of 0ppm (parts per million) which In turn gives us outstanding results leaving your windows spotless and streak free once the water has dried therefore concluding in the best possible service the market can offer today.

Water fed pole window cleaning resourcefully cleans windows, panelling, canopies, cladding and fascia leaving a fantastic smear free finish and effortlessly reaches difficult access areas, including over flower beds etc. also maintaining privacy and reducing disturbances and can be safely operated by a single operator from the ground. They Reduce or eliminate the use of ladders and access platforms increasing safety to both client and contractor in accordance with the new Health and Safety regulations.

The system itself has a glass and carbon fibre pole that can extend up to 65 feet (approx 5 floors) and distributes pure de-ionised, detergent-free water to the brush head thus attracting and absorbing the dirt cleaning and evaporating naturally leaving a sparkling finish and windows stay cleaner for longer. Detergents are the main cause of trapping dirt and grime dirtying your windows quicker thus your windows having to be cleaned more frequently. No chemicals are used, making this system environmentally friendly and complying with EU regulations.

Our water is purified at our storage premises by the following five step process Water Softener:
1 Removes Calcium Carbon Filters:
2 Removes Chlorine Micro Sediment Filter:
3 Removes large water borne particles Reverse Osmosis:
4 Produces filtered water up to 98% purity De-ionisation tank:
5 Final polish to achieve 100% purified water 1